Saturday, April 15, 2006


Time to celebrate rebirth and life. My husband and older children are off of school this week, so I expect my posting will be minimal, as I will be spending some much needed time with them. Also, Grandma is home from the hospital and recovering from surgery and has confessed to doing some housework. This cannot be tolerated! She must rest snd recuperate, so I am going to be spending as much time as possible with her and help her out around the house(hahaha with the three little boys, that ought to be quite funny, not to mention impossible, but give me an E for effort). We are going to steal her away Monday and I am going to pamper her with a German lasagna and peanut butter chocolate cake (I can cook, kind of! It's the housework that stumps me...). My uncle (her supposed caretaker) should be ashamed of himself for a) being a filthy slob, b) not cleaning up after himself while she was in the hospital so she did not have to come home to such a mess--if he knows anything he should know how she could absolutely not feel comfortable in that, and c) sitting back and letting her to do his week's worth of dishes, laundry and general clutter pick-up. But he is shameless, lucky him.


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