Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Identity Crisis II

This is just another unique twin thing B does that I find hilarious and intriguing. The Fellers are in the prime of their Terrible Twos, fighting over everything, and occassionally getting into WWE style disagreements. Sometimes when I miss the fight because I am busy in another room and B is the victim, he will tattle on his brother in Twinish, "B** duba ju wa!" while patting his head or arm or whatever injured part. Yes, he calls his brother by his own name. Isn't that funny? I think he is confused as everyone else by this twin stuff.

I know this may be boring to everyone elso on earth, but I find this whole identity development thing with twins facinating. The competition, the imitating each other, the fights. It all continues to absolutely amaze me. To me they were unique from day one, but it's like they still have to discover and prove it to themselves.


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