Friday, March 10, 2006

Today, day 1

I am writing this first post quickly as my children attempt naptime. I currently find myself a member of the apparent SAHM club--a club today's media points to as evidence of the glory of ideal motherhood that all womb toting citizens should aspire to (or should I say sit down, shut up and accept it because that is the way God made you). I feel compelled to write to vent my growing frustration and, yes, FEAR with the status of women today. There are some very frightening things happening today such as South Dakota's passing of a law to make abortion illegal. On the heals of this blow to women is the Republican sponsered bill HIMMAA before congress to erradicate all the protections women have just so recently gained from greedy health insurance providers. This bill would make health insurance laws uniform across states, eliminating special protections many states have passed such as requiring medical coverage for pap smears and birth control pills.

I am out of time for blogging today. One boy wants milk and one of the twins wants to be sprung from his so called naptime. I will try to add some linls to these topics ASAP.


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