Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Chicken Soup for the Eye

That was the blog my Dad started for me. Unfortunately, he is a busy college student and has not done much with it, so I have stolen it back from him.

Here is the real story of Chicken Soup for the Eye...

"Chicken soup for the eye?" you say. Of course! A site for those "mother" moments or family moments or just whatever.

Let me tell you about chicken soup for the eye.
It was a frigid Sunday in March here in Southeastern Wisconsin. March here is a time when the sun seems permanently implanted behind some clouds and cold damp winds blow clammy tendrils of air down to your bones. March is the time of year when you can forget what sunshine looks like because your world is one of clouds and rain and gloom.

This particular Sunday the whole family was gathered in the cramped shoebox-sized kitchen of our small ranch home for some special chicken chili lasagna, an impromptu celebration to try to break winter's hold on our spirits. By the whole family I mean myself, my husband, our six children, and my father, which I guess is enough of a family to fill our small home so that neighbors driving by may have remarked on the walls bowing out. As I labored on my masterpiece, scampering from one end of the kitchen to the other frantically mixing up sauces, one of the twins, Benton I think, was screaming and fighting with his four-year old brother Kyle, while Jake, the other twin, was rhythmically tugging at my pants-leg, begging in a high pitched shreik for a "Taste, taste!!," and Analise, my thirteen year old daughter, was explaining the urgency of her need for a trip to the mall to buy that special t-shirt before it sold out. As I poured chicken broth into the measuring cup from the large economy sized can, it splashed into my face, breaking on my glasses like a wave upon the shore, and my scream joined the general cacaphony in the kitchen. Removing my useless, chicken broth coated glasses and wiping the oozing mess from my eyes I cried, "Ah! Chicken soup for the eye!" My dad, always one to appreciate a good pun, was the only person to get it and laughed gratefully.


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