Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I know there are times we all feel a little lazy, myself definatly included. But my fifteen year-old step-son has taken laziness to journyman craftsman level, I swear. The latest example was the Chinese Food Carton Incident. The other night we splurged and ordered carry-out Chinese. He is a growing boy, so while everyone else shares an order of Cashew Chicken and Egg Foo Young, he gets his very own order of Sweet Sour Chicken. That night he could not finish it all off in one sitting. Figuring he would be hungry later, he went to the trouble of finding a Sharpie (in this house where the only readily available writing utensil is either broken crayons or dull pencils because all the desirable pens with ink have gone to that rosy pen heaven in the sky, not an easy task!) to label every side of the box so that when he was hungry later he could distinguish his box from the rest of the left-overs on sight and not have to waste valuable energy digging around in the fridge. Now that is lazy!


Anonymous Kristen said...

HA. Or very very very smart. I'm actually TOO lazy to even do that.

11 April, 2006 09:31  

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