Thursday, April 13, 2006

More Mothers Movement Ranting

I am glad I am not the only one who thinks this country's policies for families are appalling.

First read this

I wanted to comment on the article and some of the comments. First, (a commentor) Susan mentioned that children are offered our compassion in this society, while other disadvantaged people are not. I think that that while children may be offered *compassion,* it is only lipservice. Who can argue that this empty gesture does not go far enough. It does not feed the hungry or educate the poor. It does not takeinnocent children need our compassion? But compassion is an empty gesture. It does not feed the hungry, educate the poor, or take the of absent parents who are working second jobs just to make ends meet. So while children my be offered so much compassion compared to others in this society, it really means very little.

Another thing, many people comlpain how parents (read women with kids generally) are offered so much time off for child related issues such as child birth, doctors appointments, etc. It may be true that mothers (sometimes fathers, too, but mostly mothers) take off for these things, their careers and paychecks do suffer. That time off is frequently unpaid, and when it comes time for raises and promotions, *mothers* who have taken the time off for any child related reasons do not get the raises or promotions given to non-mothers. If they are not simply fired for these things. Many employers will not accept child-related excuses as excused absences, so the *mother* is fired (I was in HR--it happens frequently). Not to mention, if the company does pay for sick time, most *mothers* use the time for their kids are up shit creek if they get sick themselves.

Another thing, one nameless commenter was talking about how sex/having children was voluntary. True. However, last time I checked it takes two to procreate, yet it is generally the mother that bears the responsibility to a) make sure of the BC, b)deal with the pregnancy if the bc fails--and ultimately make and deal with the choice of abortion, which is not easy to get even if you want one with limited facilities and increasing restrictions, etc, and c) deal with raising the child if she does chose to have it. Another thing, this administrations adherence to abstinence only education is decreasing the use of birth control and increasing the number of unwanted pregnancys (not to mention STDs)by increasing ignorance of Birth Control. See this article on AlterNet.

I agree with Bitch Dr. The point is that this society's problems are deeper than lack of compassion for children. Its policies are individual-centric. Until that changes, those who have no voice of their own will continue to suffer. Including children.


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