Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Women's Issues Wednesday

I really consider myself to be your average girl next door. That being said, this administration is pushing policies that are really overstepping its bounds. I feel it is my obligationt to raise some awareness here before it is too late.

1) HIMMAA Legislation that basically wipes out all the health insurance coverage we so so recently and dearly bought.

2) Imagine, a vaccine that could practically eliminate the number one cause of cervical cancer! The problem: the Religious Taliban thinks punishing women for sex via dealth by cervical cancer is A-Okay. Hey, lets teach those nymphos a lesson!

3) Speaking of punishing nymphos, there is always the SD abortion ban even for rape and incest. Won't it be fun when that one goes to Bush's buddies and election granters in the Supreme Court!

4) But what can we expect with all this abstinance only education. Let me tell you, it is working so splendidly for our children. And could it actually be contributing to the spread of HIV?

Ladies, before long this administration will be going all Margaret Atwood on us, busting out the corsets and chastity belts, slapping on the scarlet letters...or maybe I'm just paranoid?


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