Thursday, April 20, 2006

And the Eggs Were A-Flyin'

I just wanted to post quickly about our fun-filled Easter here. Actually, this is from the boys' perspective about their new sport--Easter Egg Ball.

Yes, the pretty hard-shelled Easter eggs are so much fun to grab out of your basket and the crunch when you launch them at your brother's head...undescribable! Flakes of pretty colored shells all over the kitchen floor, squished eggs between your fingers....there is nothing in this world like it! Oh, and then Mommy yelling and cheering you on from the sidelines, that was so cool! She turned our game into Easter egg keep-away. But even though we aren't so good at couting, I know we have her outnumbered. It was so much fun to watch her running around and diving to catch one of us and yelling strange words so all the world could hear. I hope she lets us do this again next week!

So the moral of this story is, plastic eggs plastic eggs plastic eggs! Or never ever, ever ever give K (AKA Eighty-Eight Fingers) and the Feller crew pretty projectiles in a gift-basket.


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