Thursday, March 30, 2006

Quiet Moments

Right now, all the little guys are asleep (or least very quiet, which is just as acceptable!). It is so quiet in the house, I can hear the fan whirring on the laptop, the cats chomping their food in the kitchen, the wind sighing through the cracked open windows on this mild spring day. I want to get up to make a cup of tea, but I am afraid the movement will disturb the peace, shatter the moment.

Oh no! It is already gone! Someone is jabbering in his bed. He has probably filled his diaper. Diaper Filling at Naptime is a favorite game the twins have invented to forestall naptime indefiantely. Almost every day, about a half hour after I put them in their cribs for a nap, the loud raoucus begins, the jabber babble of their own private language broadcasting their victory over this unfair nap bologna. How can anyone sleep with a diaper full of poop? Mom definately can't ignore that! They figured out quickly that I would have to change their butts. This game is truly too much fun to ever give up. Way more fun than that stupid sitting on the dumb big potty I have them do every day before naptime. So far, they still have me outsmarted. Unfortunately, I will have my way someday. They will grow up. All the silly giggling and clomping noises as they jump for joy in the rickty crib, slamming it into the wall, will be nothing but a faded memory and a plastered over and repainted spot on the wall.

I guess I can put the water on for my tea on on the way to the bedroom...

Friday, March 10, 2006

Today, day 1

I am writing this first post quickly as my children attempt naptime. I currently find myself a member of the apparent SAHM club--a club today's media points to as evidence of the glory of ideal motherhood that all womb toting citizens should aspire to (or should I say sit down, shut up and accept it because that is the way God made you). I feel compelled to write to vent my growing frustration and, yes, FEAR with the status of women today. There are some very frightening things happening today such as South Dakota's passing of a law to make abortion illegal. On the heals of this blow to women is the Republican sponsered bill HIMMAA before congress to erradicate all the protections women have just so recently gained from greedy health insurance providers. This bill would make health insurance laws uniform across states, eliminating special protections many states have passed such as requiring medical coverage for pap smears and birth control pills.

I am out of time for blogging today. One boy wants milk and one of the twins wants to be sprung from his so called naptime. I will try to add some linls to these topics ASAP.