Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Another Post and Run...

Another post and run:

1) We have completed another day of Feller Preschool. It was a good day because although there was crying on the way in, it wasn't one of my kids doing it. And no crying on the way out either--BONUS! In fact, I was greeted with smiles and Hey Mom! and Mommmmmyyyyyy!!! Another bonus, Eighty-Eight Fingers did not have an Epic Poop again this trip, completing a successful and heart-warming morning. It almost makes up for the fact that I have to spend this evening at work driving around pampered princesses and princes. Oh, and get this: I actually planned ahead for tonight since I have to work and Hubz has an appointment--I prepared a ravioli lasagna for the family to just toss (OK, set carefully or I will probably be the one cleaning up the mess) into the oven for their dining pleasure. You would think they were as spoiled as my clients, right?

2) My job: It is okay, fairly easy. And to answer your question Blue: Yes, I got a fancy schmancy pen in a faux velvet/vinyl case and a whomping three-ring binder of company policies that gives one all sorts of useful information about how to be a successful hoity-toity employee. Take this tidbit for example under the Personal Appearance chapter (I believe that it’s chapter V but who is counting):

Personal Hygiene

Personal cleanliness in not only a requirement of the ***, it is also a social standard. It is essential that all employees bathe/shower and use deodorant daily. Perfumes, colognes and powders that are heavily scented should be avoided (try telling some of the clients that!!!). Your smile is extremely important; therefore dental hygiene is essential. You should brush your teeth daily and use mouthwash as needed. Breath fresheners are encouraged and should be used as needed. Eating candy and/or chewing gum, however is not allowed in public areas of service.

Hmmmm, I am sure getting hungry for those garlic dill pickles in the fridge. Maybe I will fix me up a kickin' tuna sandwich before I leave for work...

Some other useful information includes colors you can dye your hair (Damn! Purple isn't allowed!), the size and amount of rings/other jewelry (no more than two rings a hand), no wrinkled/dirty uniforms (try telling that to my kids--stay away from the kool-aid!), and proper undergarments must be worn at all times. I would like to know if they check this one (Show me your panties--No panties! You are out of uniform and therefore FIRED!).

Coincidentally, I ran into one of my former professors on my first night (Friday-and it was a huge night for them, an open house shindig with over 500 guests) when I was working the extra coat check (their regular coat check room wasn't big enough for that night). He didn't remember me, but pretended he did, gave me the What the Hell Are You Doing Working Coat Check look (I should mention it was an Honors class teaching Dante, The Inferno), so I was obliged to tell him about my humungous family, twins, and necessity for a part-time night job, which caused his eyes to bulge out in shock, a fairly typical reaction to our family size and twin situation. I really should have told him I had Brain Wasting disease or something. That would have been more fun.

I apologize if this is stream of conscienceless rambling, but I have to get cracking. I work again tonight and I must leave early to mail some bills. And tonight I am going to really try to get my hands on and my stomach around some of the supposedly fab free food there. I have yet to try any of it (except the chocolate chip cookies they served at orientation--DIVINE! the best evah! However, I could have used a sandwich--it was over lunch time, I was starving half to death and cookies for lunch just isn't good--or so I always tell the kids).


Blogger HomeFireBlue said...

Awww, MAN! You have to BATHE every day? Bogus.

I seriously think you ought to whip out the whole brain wasting disease thing as soon as you are able. Bring your camera to capture the stunned looks for us!

17 November, 2006 13:05  
Anonymous wolfbaby said...

LOl I love the rules the tot out don't you;)

08 December, 2006 20:45  
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