Monday, October 02, 2006

Conversations with EEF #2

Eighty-Eight Fingers (upon racing into the kitchen at top speed, running over the fat cat causing her to shriek with rage): That cat needs to go to the plastic surgeon and get some new ideas!


(Fragment of a conversation with EEF where Mommy is enquiring about his friends at school...)

Mommy: EEF, do you have any friends at school?

EEF: There is a girl on the bus who always tells me to shake my booty, booty! and I don't like that very much!

Mommy: Is she your girlfriend?

EEF: No I don't like her because she always tells me to shake my booty (shaking his booty). I like her friend the other girl.

Mommy: Oh, you like the other girl. What's her name?

EEF: I don't know but she doesn't want to be my girlfriend.

Mommy: She doesn't? How do you know?

EEF: I asked her and she said No.

Apparently to EEF, names just aren't important in the whole relationship business.


Anonymous wolfbaby said...

ROLF that is funny... i so do not want to be there for a long long time with my girls ;)

03 October, 2006 18:03  

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