Saturday, September 02, 2006

School Daze

Just a brief note as I come up from air from this pre- back to school frenzy I am living in...

Remember when I said I would be the crazy Mom at the store at 10:00 PM the night before school starts to do the back to school shopping? Well, I was close to dead on with that prediction. I went yesterday--for some reason I went in the afternoon just in time for the pre-four-day-weekend rush (and I think it must have been Double Coupon Day or National Grandparent Shopping Day or something because everyone seemed 135 years old with walkers, motorized scooters with max speeds of 2 MPH, canes, limps, etc.). I managed to purchase about 75% of the school supplies on the lists and only mangled three old ladies, tripped up Grandpa Joe, and toppled two displays when I body checked a Grandpa with a walker (humor, people, humor--No elderly shoppers were injured in the production of this blog entry).

For some reason, I was not able to find a single highlighter in the whole store. Who can guess as to the reason behind the extraordinary demand for highlighters? Maybe it is so students can decorate the mandatory $5 apiece (which I absolutely refuse to purchase for that price after paying $100 in fees—I will cut up old t-shirts and sew them together first—can you just see The Girl rolling her eyes at me right now?) nylon book covers with eye-catching fluorescent designs? Could be...since art budgets have been slashed hither and yon, students must have an outlet upon which to express their creativity. A fluorescent green F*ck You! or blaze orange James Schmo is gay! sufficiently fulfills those artsy desires, I suppose.

Anyway, the big kids start Monday. Hopefully, 75% supplied is enough for the first day. Eighty-Eight Fingers goes in for testing while I sit in the Junior Kindergarten Orientation Thursday morning (gods help us all, especially the pore wretch of a teacher who is responsible for him in the testing room). He officially starts (oddly enough) on 9/11. Bad omen? I think it very well could be.


Anonymous wolfbaby said...

ohh my you definetly gave me my laugh for the day.... soon you'll be back onto the swing of things:).. good luck

02 September, 2006 22:46  
Anonymous Susan said...

LOL! I noticed that,too! I felt as though my girls were the only ones not shopping with grandparents.

Good luck with the upcoming week, it sounds like it could be very interesting; my bet is that EEF will do great.

03 September, 2006 09:10  
Blogger Chantal said...

Remember I said I would be doing the same thing? I didn't! Holy crap, I got it all done weeks ago.

Glad you're (almost) done too.

03 September, 2006 19:16  
Blogger HomeFireBlue said...

You just made me snort so loud I frightened the cats.

You may remember this and get me back next year at this time when I'm standing in a Kwik Stop by the motorway trying to determine if those squeezy tubes of cake decorating icing will be acceptable in lieu of crayons at Boy's school.


06 September, 2006 13:07  

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