Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Body count

I just found the most interesting site called Iraq Colition Casualties. This site lists the casualties and injuries for the US and British troops and civilians in Iraq. According to this site to date 2803 American soldiers have died and 44,779 have been wounded. Isn't that something? So far we have wasted the lives of almost 3000 people to supposedly avenge the death of 5000 civilians killed in the 9/11 attacks ~ when in reality Iraq/Sadam did not have anything to do with 9/11. A site that links to the Iraq Colition Casualties site, www.IraqBodyCount.org estimates that anywhere between 44,661 to 49,610 Iraqui civilians have died in this non-war. These statistics are staggering and, to me anyway, infuriating.

Weren't we supposed to be making their lives better over there? How can that be when we are killing them by the truckload on a regular basis?

When will the death of innocents end?


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