Friday, January 05, 2007

A twin story and some holiday memories

Can I just say: Thank heavens the holidays only come around once a year. I am entirely spent and partied out. Thus my obvious blog neglect. I haven't even switched to the new improved highfalutin' Bloggoogle yet. For shame.

Anyway, I have a quick twin story to tell then it is off to my various jobs of fixing lunch, putting fellers down for naps and getting ready for work. I mentioned before my employer's rather tedious requirement of Showering--yeah, it's 12:30 PM and I haven't done that yet. Looks like I won't until around 2-3PM today. C'est la vie!

Okay, back to my twin story...

About four of five days ago, maybe longer (with all the celebrating and working and general running around we have done for the last two weeks the days are all blurring together), Boompas' eye started looking red and puffy. On Wednesday we noticed that it was only getting worse. In fact, as Hubz put it, he was looking rather like Rocky Balboa after one of his rare losing fights. Fortunately, there is a new walk in urgent care clinic in town for all of the inconvenient timing that childhood injuries and illness exhibit (when do kids ever get sick or need stitches during office hours???). So I took Boompas on his first solo (un-twined) outing to the walk-in clinic. It was very strange--for both of us.

At first, he was fine with it: flirting with the receptionist and hopping (his preferred mode of travel lately) around the waiting room. I caught myself several times saying "they're usually... they do this...they don't" when describing him--Boompas. Also, I slipped into every brief conversation I had with anyone that he was a twin. Why, why, why? Why couldn’t I just let him be Boompas in his one solo outing--why did I insist on dragging his twin into it? I tell myself all the time I am raising them as individuals, yet the first chance I get to prove it I immediately set out to diminish his individuality. Shame on me. And Boompas, by the time we actually got into the doc's office he was asking for his twin, "Where Stink? Stink, where are doo?!". In the car on the way home after sitting patiently in the backseat for about five minutes he said, "Mommy. I want Stink. I mit him. Where Stink?" My heart just melted for him. As soon as he walked in the door, the two boys ran to each other squealing with glee and Stink told Boompas, "Take your dacket off!" and unzipped his coat. The whole event really made me realize that even though they may tease each other, steal each other's toys, wrestle and fight they have a very strong bond that I will never fully understand.


Some holiday memories I never want to forget:

1) Eighty-Eight Fingers' cover of Feliz Navidad complete with dance moves and singing from the solar plexus. His version rocks!

2) The Fellers Boompas and Stink singing and dancing to Stinkle Bells (their pronunciation) when Santa came to Great Grandma's Christmas Eve party and the smile this brought to Great Grandma's face (she came down with Bell's Palsy right before Christmas--a strange virus that paralyzes one side of your face--and was very depressed about it).

3) EEF helping me decorate the putzy butter cookies: painting on the egg white and sprinkling with (too much--like a mountain of) colored sugar and nuts.

4) The Feller's delight in the holiday. They are almost three now and starting to "Get it" about holidays and birthdays and reasons to have lots of fun.


Blogger HomeFireBlue said...

I'm glad your holiday went smoothly! (That is so sweet about the boys missing each other, BTW)


10 January, 2007 13:59  
Blogger HomeFireBlue said...

OK, you. I'm getting worried now. Did you move over to Typepad and forget to tell me?



02 February, 2007 12:52  
Anonymous wolfbaby said...

Awww what a sweet story.. hope things are going well for you

05 February, 2007 21:56  

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