Thursday, July 20, 2006

Monkey Brain Soup

My mind is like a thick murky soup right now. I have all sorts of posts sloshing around in it, but no time to write. Even if I had the time, honestly, the emotions necessary to produce anything other than Wow, the Cat is not so fat anymore! just aren't accessible. Those emotions are on lock down due to too much Stuff Going On.

The final (hopefully) hearing in the custody dispute is Monday and there is a whole truck load of emotional baggage that goes along with that. I am still trying to potty train the Fellers with some small success. The twins are two: that is a trying age anyway--the crying, the screeching like nails down a chalkboard, the science experiments. Then there is the constant nagging over my fears for Eighty-Eight Fingers. Not to mention his constant antics! There is this possible job that I may be starting--that is again an emotional ball of yarn, my ambivalence over it. And of course, everyone's all-time- favorite stressor, family drama.

So I will probably be an emotional basket case until sometime Monday. After that I will have all sorts of great Bolg topics to untangle for you. I promise. Until then I will sit and cuddle with my little guys (there is such comfort in the soft warmth of them--so soothing to breath in the fresh scent of Newness at the tops of their fuzzy heads--the new haircuts that remind me of peaches), hug and kiss the Hubz, and hope like hell everything works itself out somehow so we can actually enjoy our anniversary on Tuesday.


Blogger Michele said...

Wow - way too much to process right now. I'll be thinking about you and hopiung all goes well with the custody thing.

Hang in there.

21 July, 2006 08:36  
Anonymous wolfbaby said...

I will be hoping things go well for you!!! Take care!!!!

21 July, 2006 23:24  

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