Friday, June 16, 2006

Six Absolutely Random Musings Because, Apparently, I Can't Maintain a Coherent Thought

1) Welcome to my little brother who recently found my blog through the all-knowing labarynth that is the internet. My little brother, the eternal *alternative*, the rebel, you never know what color his hair will be. Currently a butcher at the local supermarket, he is working on his degree in journalism and doing a kick ass job. I am proud of him. I think of him every time I am trying to debone my own chicken because I am too cheap to by the boneless/skinless and I don't blame him at all for moving on up.

2) We'll call this one Memoirs of a Space Cadet. Ever have one of those days when youare completelty stumped by modern technology? Sadly, yesterday was one of those days for me. I went to the hairdresser and had my hair colored, cut and styled, my one indulgence. I started off that trip by spilling my coffe right in my lap so in the perfect spot so it looked like I had a different kind of accident of the incontinent variety. Great. The one time I have clean clothes on that the kids haven't goobered and slobbered up, I spilled on them. Go figure. The actual hairstyling went fine. I didn't manage to make an ass out of myself again until it was time to pay. I handed the receptionist my debit card, she scanned it and handed it back, and I was about out the door as she yelled after me, "Hey, wait, you forgot to sign the slip!" Oops. But I did not yet have enough of humiliating myself. Oh no! I decided to get some Father's Day cards. I managed to pick out the cards and a small gift for my daughter for watching the Fellers and EEF for me (Daddy was at the decathalon). Again, I had a debit card malfunction. Apparently, my spacial relations perception is off or something because I looked right at the diagram of how to correctly swipe the card and proceeded to do it exactly the opposite, which the clerk delightfully informed me. Duefully chargrinned, I called it quits and headed home. Could all this brain damage I am evidently suffering be caused by too many recitations of the ABC's?

3) I was going to post an adorable picture of the back of the Feller's heads as they gazed out the window while back seat barbequing before dinner the other night, but my camera once again seems to have developed legs and walked away, far far away, no doubt under teen ager duress.

4) Let's hear it for Daddy! I mentioned that he was training for a decathalon and, even though his recurring leg injury flared up, he is still hobbling through. After the first day (yesterday), Big J (my 15 year old stepson) was actually in first place out of everyone, which is really cool.

5) Let's hear it for Daddy, (the refrain)! Since he has been home and has had almost a real vacation this past week, it has been great. He has had more energy for wrestling with the Fellers. That is good news for them, him and me. And he has been catching oup on chores, bills and even helping with the laundry. Yea summer break! Now, if only it could be summer break with him home and the big kids in school...

6) Boompas has an alias. He now runs around, gleefully proclaiming "I'm Luke Skwalker! I'm Luke Skywalker!" thumping his chest prouldy and brandishing wildly whatever item is on hand, such as a straw or stick, as his light saber. Sometimes he pretends to be Darth Vader, complete with deep mechanical breathing noises.


Blogger wolfbaby said...

ohhh my that brain fog you mentioned, i share it all the time. I have lost count of how many times I have made a fool of myself in the store... yep, nope, i dont count anymores. Just shrug and blame it on the kids *grin*.

19 June, 2006 19:20  
Blogger Her Bad Mother said...

So Boompas is working both the Force and the Dark Side, eh? YOu've got your work cut out for you...

20 June, 2006 07:21  

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