Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Cheapskate fiasco

You know that hate mail I sent to BabyBestBuy.com? The one where I ripped their heads off about the shipping delay? Guess what! Fifteen minutes after I sent that email, UPS was placing a package on my front porch. Is that service or what?

Yes, I felt like a big jerk. Yes, I sent them an apology. The thing is, they sent me an email claiming they would email me again when they actually shipped the order. I never received a shipping email, so in my defense, that is a big miscommunication on their part. I did recieve the product within 8 days including a holiday for regular ground shipping, which I felt was average. I still have not heard from the processing center regarding either my complaint or my apology. Hello? Is anyone out there? You would think I would get some type of acknowledgement.

On the other hand, the Dappi training pants seem to be a real bargain. I bought them for $0.99/apiece. They are leak resistant, very absorbent cotton lining and a vinyl outer. Yea! No more carpet scrubbing (too bad I can't find a cat puke collector)! They wash and dry well (didn't melt in the dryer, always good). All-in-all, not too shabby a product for the price. I give the product an A, while I think the company customer service gets a D.


Blogger wolfbaby said...

hmm got a pic of these training pants? how on earth are you supposed to potty train when the kids in question cant stay out of all the fun stuff in the bathroom? complete with getting in the tub and turning on the water... help please Im desperate I would love to get cookie monster out of diapers and I think shes ready but I cant keep her out of all the stuff in the bathroom *sigh*

07 June, 2006 11:07  

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