Saturday, May 27, 2006

Back on the Chair: An Update

When I was ranting befor about my tots going back on the chair, I must have forgotten for a moment that I have twins (ha! like that is possible ). They are on to me, and when twins are on to someone and it involves something they don't want to do like pooping and peeing in the lousy potty, then twins are stubborn. But not just stubborn like one child is stubborn. I have potty trained two singletons, and while it was not always a cakewalk, I survived it. No, when twins are stubborn it is Stubborness in Stereo. Each feeds off the other in their enthusiasm for not learning. The last two mornings, since Mommy said, "Back on the chair, Fellers," they have had poopy pants before I even got them out of bed. Smart. So Smart. A poop party before you even wake Mommy up. How can Mommy compete? Waking up earlier than them is not an option because these guys get up so early, they could put the rooster out of business.

Yesterday the only thing that went into the potty was a couple of drops of pee each. And some Legos, a plane, and an R2D2 action figure. Good news: they don't like to pee in their undies. I say, "Don't pee in your undies, Fellers." They each tell me, "O-Tay." and then, after only two accidents where a little leaked out, they were able to hold it like camels. Sure, they can each hold it all morning until naptime when they unleash a flood of pee into their cheap ass generic diapers that, of course, leak like as if they were perforated with millions of holes, thus turning the beds into Lake Michigans so that Mommy had to clean up these oversized, mega-pee puddles simultaneously with making dinner ( I wonder if I can put that on a resume as multi-tasking, wearing many hats, versatile?).

But I will not be disuaded so easily. I know I am outnumbered, but I am the Mom. We are going to do this.


Blogger wolfbaby said...

Good luck to you my friend, Lord knows potty training the stubburn should win you some kind of national award. And potty training two at the same time should win you a world wide awards LOL... good luck

29 May, 2006 18:27  

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