Monday, June 05, 2006

Random Sci-Fi and the Life of Mom

I'll be honest here. This list of modern day Si-Fi is brought to you by the fact that there is some heavy-duty stuff going down at the MacBoudica abode that I am unable to write about, maybe won't be able to write about in such a public setting. Let's just say it is D-Day for an important issue and I am feeling a little powerless, a little under the microscope so to speak, so what better diversion than science and technlogy applied to the life of a modern mom? I could totally use this stuff, and so could you!

1)Does it seem quiet in your home, maybe a little too quiet? In my house, this could only mean one thing: the kids are up to something. Now, for exhausted moms and couch potatoes alike, the new robot spy planes and other high tech anti-terrorism devices that can actually allow you to pilot a high power camera plane remotely, see through walls, and other cool tricks. Very handy indeed. Now moms can fight back against stealth misbehavior.


Have you been feeling a little stressed out lately? A little too busy, rushing around, trying to do it all? Those days are over now. This article is about two cloned racing mules raised and trained incompletely independent settings but who still managed to win a mule race in first and second place with times differing by only three tenths of a second! I know I could use a clone, someone who can compete with me on laundry folding. And, hey, if she beats me by any mount at that chore, just to show I'm not a hater, she can do some of mine, too. I will have to draw the line when it comes to, ahem, bedroom duties though. I am not sharing in that department.

3)Sorry, I have no practical application for this article. I just thought it was cool. It is about how Einstein's brain is bigger and better that normal brains in the science/math related areas. His brain is fifteen percent larger than normal with more nerves and fissures and a few other extras. Hey, maybe someday we can all be Einstein clones? We may not get much laundry done, but math class will certainly be a no-brainer.

4)This one is definitly my favorite new device. It is something straight out of a si-fi/fantasy novel.

Did you ever have a craving for some rich chocolatey dessert but you could't have it because you don't want to share and it was hours until the kids' bedtime? Ever want to read the mail in peace? Or sneak out to the car to get some forgotten item or take the garbage out unnoticed to avoid causing a screaming/crying fit that lasts all day? Wouldn't it be nice to be invisible, even for a minute? This may soon be a possibility. Scientists are currently in the processess of developing an invisibility cloak, actually more like an invisibility shield, as we speak. The only problem withthis device is if the kids get ahold of it, they can thwart your spy plane anti-terrorism gadgets and stealth misbehavior will once again be a problem.


Anonymous molly said...

I SOOOO want an invisibility cloak. Sometimes I think my car already has one, though, if the actions of other drivers on the road are any indication. :-)

05 June, 2006 20:29  
Blogger wolfbaby said...

Ohh yeah Im all about the invisibility thing wouldnt that be fun!!! and it would so come in handy especially when you don't want to share that special dessert LOL.... Good luck with the D day thing.

07 June, 2006 11:10  

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