Friday, May 05, 2006

What, am I nuts?!? or Tantrums and the Poop Game, Revisited

What was I saying about "two is a nice age...". Oh, man! I guess I forgot in that moment of reverie about the screaming (I'm talking blood curdling screams) of two competitive, fighting toddlers and their wrestling and all-around getting-jacked-up coach Eight-Eight Fingers. Add that to the never-ending "poop" game (Pooping only in their beds, so I won't see and mention the dreaded Potty) and it is amazing I am still sane. Or am I...?

Right, that I why I write in this blog, typos, misspelled and made up words and all. Because this is my world. Where everyone gets along (funny, huh?) and I can write in fragments and run on sentences like this one and so what?

Yesterday was actually beautiful day, weatherwise, and we had to call outside playtime quits early due to non-stop tantrums. Eighty-Eight kept teasing the Fellers by stealing their golf clubs and waving them in their faces. Boompas, who loved his over-sized Spiderman sandals the day before, absolutely hated them yesterday but would not go barefoot. And Stink, well, heck, everyone else was bawling, so he might as well join in. And what a hellish chorus it was. At least they did not act like that at the track meet! To top it all off, Stink's (Stink, because he likes the word and relishes this game) pants were full of turd when I checked on him before I went to bed, so for the fifth night straight I changed him by flashlight.

Cute, really cute.


Blogger Her Bad Mother said...

It's all about the poo. And when your world is full of poo, who can worry about run-on sentences? (Am avoiding bad puns and jokes connecting 'run-on' and 'poo.' Be grateful.)

06 May, 2006 11:09  

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