Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Feller Mountain and the Battle of the Bulge

...In which our Heroine takes the Fellers to the track meet of the Beautiful Princess, whose event was the very last one.

Yesterday, our Heroine loaded the Royal Wagon with three jacked up Fellers, and braved the elements (okay so it was a very mild day, but bad weather would make this more exciting) to view the Beautiful Princess run 200 meters in the 4x2 Relay. Fortunately, there was a trecherous mountain (a tall grassy hill)next to the bleachers that held the attention of not only the above mentioned Fellers, but other children as well. Eighty-Eight Fingers and his newfound Feller Army flung themselves down the mountain, rolling and somersaulting, running and and laughing, ceaselessly for the two-plus hours we were there. The mountain proved a strange new challenge for the younger fellers at first, but they soon mastered climbing and rolling and were keeping pace witht heir big brother toward the end of the very very very long adventure. The Heroine stood at the Apex of the mountain, shouting out commands and keeping the Feller crew within view the whole time until it was finally time for the Beautiful Princess to run her race.

The Beautiful Princess started out strong, grabbed the baton with perfection, but was overcome midway through her run. Her knee had popped, but this did not stop her. The Brave Princess kept on running, and passed her baton to the next runner without fault. She helped her team win second place.

The heroine gushes with pride after the race as the Beautiful Princess bemoans her lack of athletic talent. You see, she is not an athletic girl. She is actually somewhat big. She inherited our family's sweet-tooth and constant desire for chocolate. She drinks too much soda and does not get enough exercise (I took that right out of The Parent's Handbook,Lecture 903-761). But the Heroine, right or wrong, encourages her to participate in sports and other activities even though she will not be the best. The Heroine knows what it is like to be a little plump and fights her own battles with it, but she did not learn the skills until she was older. The Heroine is trying to encourage and coach the BP into better habits while she is still young so she does not have to fight so hard as she gets older and the body does not cooperate quite so well. And a difficult battle it is, too.

Sadly, now that the BP is a teen, she is starting to get very self-conscious. She does not want people to see her eat, so she will no longer eat in public. In fact, the Heroine susects BP has not been eating much at all the last few days/weeks. The Heroine worries, worries, worries...There is so much pressure that girls put on each other, that society puts on girls, to look a certain way. It is a very tough thing to get them to be healthy while at the same time love themselves and like themselves for who they are.

So, the Heroine braved and heroically survived another epic battle, two epic battles, Battle of the Teen and Fellers in Public without the Prozac Pushers knocking on her Door.

Stay tuned for our next Episode of Boudica's Babies...


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