Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Lessons from the girl.

Yesterday, my daughter showed me how to add this graphic* to my profile. And she knows HTML.

"Oh Mom, you have a blog? Do you know the code for hearts? I could put some in for you."

Great. Hearts. Just what this site needs.

Seriously, though, I do feel very proud of her that she has taught herself all these things. But I also feel very, I don't know, oblivious, that I had no idea she had these skills. And it is humbling to learn new skills from one's daughter. You know, the cute little vixen who's hair I braded and who I dressed in ruffly tights. The girl I taught to drink from a cup and all her colors and letters. The girl I did endless flashcards with to learn her multiplication tables. The one I picked up again and again as she learned to ride a bike. The same girl who drew her own lined paper to practice writing her letters when she was four. She was my little girl. Now, she has betrayed me by not only learning something new, but learning something I had absolutely no skill in.

So this whole blog thing for me is going to be a learning experience in many, many ways. I now know for sure that she is unstoppable. She can do anything, even if I did not give her the specific skills. She know that there are no boundaries "girls" can't overcome. These things I taught her.

*Side note: about my graphic. The five headed dragon is for the five hellions. I don't know who the two gnarly goons are, but the woman is Boudica.


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