Thursday, April 27, 2006

The "Today Show."..Breaking News...

Normally, I would not even be watching NBC's Today Show, but I must have subconsciously known they would have such pressing news on today. They ran a segment where a morning talk radio host who had barely ever lifted a finger to change a diaper switched places with his eight-month pregnant wife for two days. She went on some mini-vacation while he stayed home and played "Mom" (complete with the strap on pregnant tummy--too bad he didn't get strap on swollen feet, varicose veins, or hemroids to go with it) to their 17 month old twin girls. The first half of the first day he was all grins and "This is not so bad"-isms, even after changing a poopy diaper that you would have thought from the melodrama was the worst ever shat. After naptime was when the real fun began. Those girls ran him ragged. At one point, the sound man rescued one of the girls from a swim (or at least a fun splashing) in the toilet. The poor Mr Mom was completely wiped out after Day One and said to "Confession Cam" the next morning that he was, "...dreading day two." After another succession of scenes that might have been from "Toddlers Gone Wild" including overflowing the bottled water dispenser, sampling the trash, and infultrating the laundry room (the camera man rescued them this time), it was bathtime. This is where the "Toddlers Gone Wild" really begins. There were naked toddlers streaking to and fro. Before he could diaper them both, someone had stained the floor. At this point, the poor man was practically begging for it to be the next day when his wife would return. And he even had the film crew there to help him out! The breaking news here? He admited that what his wife did was hard work. My question is, when did this become news or newsworthy? I mean, yeah, thanks for the props to mothers and everything Katie, but really, shouldn't it be common knowledge that mothering is work? It is really discouraging and shows just how far we haven't come that we still need trite media segments to tell us that mothering is important.


Anonymous Chantal said...

Too true.

Only most Moms don't get to quit and have someone else do the work when you've decided the experiment is done. Too bad, eh?

28 April, 2006 08:35  
Anonymous Susan said...

Well said.

I never quite understand the point of these segments either. Lucky for me, neither does my husband.

28 April, 2006 12:57  
Blogger HomeFireBlue said...

Ditto. Well said.

What makes me sad is that so many people view these trite servings of reality in the same oh-well-wasn't-that-interesting vein as, say a film about the holocaust.

They know it's true but it may as well be fiction. It doesn't cause anyone to think differently or change their lifestyles. It's just entertainment for them.



28 April, 2006 15:29  

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